The center of La Merced is the house of youth in Cambados, and in it there is the Municipal Youth Information Office. Throughout the year, courses of the most diverse topics are programmed, oriented to training, animation and free time, new technologies, etc.

You can follow the OMIX news and information about the activities carried out through the OMIX Cambados facebook page, or visit us on the first floor of the “A Merced” socio-cultural center (Avda. Da Coruña s / n) during office hours to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. You can also contact by phone 986 54 26 63 or email

Among the tasks of the OMIX are to offer:

Updated information on:

  • Activities
  • Training
  • Bags and aids
  • Courses
  • Awards and contests
  • Youth cards (student, hosteller, youth card, international cards)

Training. Throughout the year courses are held:

  • Training for employment
  • Animation and free time
  • New technologies
  • Volunteering
  • Personal growth


  • Information, training and opportunity to volunteer.

Youth Card:

  • For boys and girls between 12 and 30 years old. It can be requested directly in this office.


  • With playful activities throughout the year (workshops, excursions, camps …)


The Department of Youth offers alternative leisure options, as a response to a growing concern of the youth, who claim to have their own space for fun.

Free time is a very important piece for the emotional development of people, especially within a range of age in which character and personality are formed to a great extent, friendships are made and emotional and affective bonds are created. way more intense than in other stages of life.

We live in a time when the individual and passive leisure offers are very abundant, while the possibilities of active and collective leisure are much more limited. The phenomenon of the botellón is a symptom of this neglect. That is why from the city council we are involved in offering initiatives for a youth that has a desire to relate personally, to express themselves openly and to seek their leading role.