The residents of Cambados can interact with the town hall and carry out procedures without leaving the house. This consistory has a powerful tool to modernize administrative management and offer citizens the possibility of carrying out procedures through the Internet, without depending on schedules or travel.

Thanks to the implementation of electronic administration, cambados is located as a leading municipality in terms of services provided to the public, which can benefit in a special way all those people who for various reasons can not approach the municipal offices for perform administrative procedures.

In addition to saving time and inconvenience to neighbors, who see queues reduced in municipal offices, the system used for the electronic management of files is a streamlining of the work of officials, with a decrease in time and resources. resources employed, which results in cost savings for taxpayers.

The address of the electronic headquarters of the City of Cambados is the following:

Social networks have been one of the greatest revolutions in the way of communication between people throughout history. And the City of Cambados firmly bets this way of communication to reach all the neighborhood.

Through our profiles on Facebook and Twitter, we bring Cambodians and Cambodians information about municipal news, cultural, recreational and sports events, and all kinds of information of interest in an agile manner.

But social networks are primarily a participation tool, which serves as a feedback channel, since through them the neighborhood gets in touch with the municipality to clarify their doubts, to make suggestions or to transmit any incident and that this can be resolved at the earliest.

In addition to the generic profiles on Facebook and Twitter, we also have the following thematic profiles:

Thematic websites

A la hora de ofrecer a la ciudadanía la mayor variedad y facilidad de acceso a la información, y siempe con la transparencia como principal premisa, el Ayuntamiento de Cambados cuenta con una variada estructura de páginas web temáticas: