Youth Counseling

The Department of Youth develops and coordinates actions aimed at our young people. We work to promote, support and facilitate the realization of the initiatives demanded by young people.

The youth collective is especially active, and has a series of concerns that it aspires to materialize. Many of these concerns can not always be carried out, remaining only in projects. That’s why we will never get tired of encouraging all those young people who share a dream, an idea or a hobby to join and partner to carry out their interests.

From the Department of Youth we offer a meeting space for youth to achieve their goals. We can help develop activities, advise for the creation of associations, offer training in various fields, and give the necessary information to develop any project.

This council is an open door to participation, so we encourage all youth to get in touch with us.

Counseling of new technologies

The Department of New Technologies is carrying out an ambitious process of modernization and digital transformation of the City Council. In an increasingly interconnected world and in which any information is at hand, the administration must always be at the forefront, offering the public the best services.

In this area, the City of Cambados has an important electronic administration tool, which makes the relationship of neighbors with the city council more agile and comfortable. It is no longer necessary to physically move to the municipal offices for most procedures, with the disadvantages that this implies in many cases: now most municipal procedures can be done comfortably from anywhere, and without depending on schedules, simply with a computer or with a mobile phone.

Another area in which this council works is to maintain a strong presence in the network, with a strong commitment to social networks as an agile communication vehicle between the municipality and the neighborhood. Not only are the networks used to inform the news and municipal activities, they are also used so that neighbors can transmit any doubt, suggestion or incident and that this can be resolved as soon as possible.

In addition to social networks, we also have a wide and varied offer of thematic web pages, so that the residents of Cambados enjoy the most information about everything that happens in their town hall, according to transparency criteria. These criteria were the ones that led to transmit live the municipal plenaries, as well as to implement a transparency portal in which the neighborhood can consult the data of interest on the management and functioning of the town hall.