Directed by the councilor delegate of Area:

  • Milagros Martinez Piñeiro
  • Electronic Address:

Tourism is a key asset and one of the resources of Cambados, cataloged as one of the main references of the tourism of the Galician Rias Baixas. The Department of Tourism is the municipal body in charge of the promotion and tourist dissemination of the city as a tourist destination in national and foreign markets, in which its highest references are heritage, traditions, nature, sports, etc. .. that add to a gastronomy recognized and relaunched by an offer of local wines that day after day conquer new markets.

Among its main functions is the attendance to national and international tourism fairs, the promotion via web and through social networks, gastronomic events, the preparation of brochures and all kinds of promotional material, tourist maps, advertising campaigns, collaboration with other public and private entities in the joint promotion of the destination, and other strategies that aim to attract tourists.

The Department of Tourism, aims to promote the destination and enhance the dynamism and beautification of the area.

The tourism office of the Council of Cambados depends on this council and is responsible for providing information to tourists in order to facilitate their stay and reduce the risk of negative experiences during their stay.

Main activities dependent on the Department of Tourism

  • Approval of tourism promotion, planning and marketing.
  • Study and execution of tourism development plans, aimed at specific audiences, in coordination with the private sector.
  • Tourist promotion of the municipality in fairs and contests.
  • Promotion, reservation and international marketing of own tourism products.
  • Promotion of a differentiated tourism offer linked to food products with designation of origin and promotion of their consumption: canned fish, seafood, Rías Baixas wine.
  • Promotion of a tourist offer linked to the Cambados differential culture.
  • Tourist promotion campaigns.
  • Agreements with operators for the international and national promotion of the destination.
  • Determination of the commercialization of the city.
  • Tourist promotion of the great festivals and events of Cambados: Festival Albariño, Fiesta da Vieira, etc.* Tourist promotion of the great festivals and events of Cambados: Festival Albariño, Fiesta da Vieira, etc.
  • Address of the municipal service of tourism and information and attention to the visitors: Office of Tourism of Cambados.
  • Approval of contents and management of the web and social networks of tourism.
  • Approval of the contents and image of conventional promotional materials: brochures, guides.
  • Approval of the tourist products of the city.
  • Dissemination of own tourist data.
  • Approval of the improvement and maintenance of signaling, accessibility and geolocation of points of tourist interest and tourism resources and services.
  • Supervision of compliance with the application rules as control and promotion of the quality of SICTED tourism.
  • Coordination of tourist attention activities in museums and other cultural and educational facilities.
  • Promotion of seasonal gastronomic events and products in outbound markets.