I face this new stage with all the enthusiasm with which great challenges are faced, with a great desire to do the best for my neighbors, motivated and, honestly, I think that I am also prepared. I promise to work tirelessly to achieve the highest goals, to govern for everyone regardless of their political color, to listen to everyone who has something to say, and to help those who need it, always putting the general interest before of the individual, and those of Cambados over those of any party. Always with honesty, humility and dialogue. This is going to be a progressive, Galician and feminist government, a municipality for the people, transparent, social and sustainable. We had to govern hard years, during the greatest health crisis in the recent history of humanity, and from which we have not yet come out. And they had to do it in a difficult way, without releases and therefore without the dedication that we would like; but despite the mishaps we managed to move forward by strengthening social services, improving environmental management and investing in works and basic services for citizens. And without neglecting some large projects such as the execution of the new Plaza de Abastos, the construction of the new barracks, or the reform of the coastal façade of Ribeira de Fefiñáns; We are going to concentrate efforts on providing the entire population with the most basic services: decent access, water and sanitation. We will go beyond the tasks that correspond to us in maintenance and conservation in educational centers, and we will make investments in reforms and equipment for sports facilities and parks. We will also continue with the promotion of public squares as spaces for coexistence and for those of tourist attraction: Fefiñáns, La Juventud, San Gregorio… Tourism, viticulture and horticulture, fishing and aquaculture, and transformation industries will have our support. to serve as economic locomotives in recovery. In the field of equality and in the fight against gender violence, much remains to be done, which is why we will maintain active awareness and prevention policies.
I also set myself the goal of getting the rest of the administrations to collaborate and get involved in the development of strategic projects, such as communication channels and management of European funds. And of course we are going to recover the grandeur of the Albariño Festival if the pandemic allows it. To finish, I would like to say that apart from the family sphere, such as with children, few things come to my mind that make one feel more proud than being the mayor of their town, I feel very honored.

Sr Samuel Lago Ozon 

Mayor of Ilmo. Cambados Town Council