Cambados is a town that knows accommodate travelers arriving at our villa attracted by the beauty of art and landscape. This renowned tourist attraction capacity, must be present on the Internet, a network that improves communication between peoples and nations. Network users can meet up close, without leaving their homes, while cambadeses can access easily , to their ever closer administration, to know about the activity that we developed from the City Council.

We must ensure that this page is a useful way locally, and that constitutes a presentation card of Cambados, for all people who want to discover our excellence as a tourist destination, an ideal destination for those who loves the historical heritage and the beauty of the natural surroundings. This site provides an overview of the attractions that adorn our town, a must-visit site for travelers who choose Galicia to relax or to revitalize.

Srª Fátima Abal Roma 

Mayoress of Ilmo. Cambados Town Council