Job orientation, to receive support in relation to your future integration in the labor market, how to approach this integration, techniques and tools that may be useful at that time, information about employment management … and with the possibility of accessing to a Personal Insertion Itinerary if you meet the established characteristics.

Training for employment, to complement your training with specialized and specific knowledge in relation to occupations that may be of interest, according to your plan of active job search.

Information about the labor market within your area of interest (by geographical area and by occupation) configurable, complete and updated, as support for your personal process of active job search.

Collection of Offers where the creation of pre-offers is the procedure to follow to inject a new offer within the Labor Intermediation System.

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Some of the actions of the Labor Guidance Service are:

  • The elaboration of individualized diagnoses about the profile, needs and expectations of jobseekers through personalized interviews, in order to find or keep employment or access a new one.
  • Information on the labor market and the incentives and means available for the promotion of hiring and support for entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • The design, elaboration and realization of individual and personalized routes of employment to unemployed people through information and professional guidance for employment and self-employment, for the improvement of their professional qualification and their employability.
  • Contacts with companies to disseminate information about their initiatives to facilitate labor insertion, also conducting a survey of the needs of companies and marriage between offers and demands for employment, favoring the approach between the needs of companies and the possible candidate people.
  • The information and guidance on the process of recognition of competences acquired by the work experience for people who are employed by official accreditation of their qualification through professional certificates.
  • Information and advice to jobseekers on the offer of professional training actions for employment, with official accreditation through the Directory of Professional Certificates when they are linked to the National Catalog of Qualifications, as well as training titles professional.
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Weekly Bulletins:

  • CEG  Confederation of Businessmen of Galicia (updated on Mondays)