The Tide Mill Museum “A Seca” is located in the parish of San Mamede de Corvillón, between  Fefiñáns and Tragove.

Mr. Gonzalo de Valladares, I Viscount Fefiñáns I ordered the construction of this mill, and commissioned this work to Master Mason and striker Francisco  Grie.

The mill was installed on a cove with a barrage of about 50 meters long and consisted of the following elements: a dam with 5 gates, the mill, the housing, stables and the shed.

On the ground floor of the mill building, is the machinery that enabled the mill. The first floor contained the grinding elements: Three wheels of the country, coarse, to grind corn, and a “albeira” fine grain to grind wheat and rye, and the accessories.

The second floor and attic were for housing with their rooms, nowadays upgraded to the museum discourse.

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The ebb and flow of the tides was tapped to run the four wheels of the mill, is why it is called “A Seca ” , because the interior is dry at low tide, turning to fill with the tide. To grind, they took advantage of the low tide – it takes about three hours – time in which they came to grind up to 200kg. per wheel. In two tourns, day and night.

The mill belonged to the  XIX century  to the viscounts of Fefiñáns and went to grind grain, not only farmers of Cambados, also farmers os all the Salnés region.  Later, changed the ownership, shutting down the mid-70s, when the last miller, Manuel Piñeiro, married with the daughter of the owner,  ceased its activity.

This old tide mill to dry was recovered and restored to become a museum, taking part since 2002, of the  Museums Network of Cambados Council.


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