Located in the municipality of Cambados, this route will take us from the spectacular view of the Arousa estuary, on  A Pastora Hill, until the most natural vision of the reeds, entering in the river Umia banks.

The return is made between natural landscapes and riparian vegetation typical Albariño wine plantations grown in the area very carefully.


Technical Data

Depart: A Pastora Hill
End: The same place
Length: 3.5 km.
Difficulty: low
Estimated time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Flora and fauna

Depending on moisture conditions, we can find different ecosystems of plants (herbs, shrubs, and trees), paying attention, those formed by oaks, willows, alders and laurels, and communities of pine and eucalyptus.

In the margins of the mouth of the river, there are favorable conditions for the development of different species of rushes. They benefit from a special situation because the water in the area is a mixture of fresh water coming down from the source of the river, and salt waters that enter from the sea, resulting in a high contribution of organic material. Take advantage of this ecosystem different bird species throughout the year.

The geographical location of the section of the route runs along the river bank is part of the extended complex Intertidal Umia-O Grove, which was declared a Wildlife Refuge, Special Protection Area for Birds (EEC), Wetland of Importance International (RAMSAR) and Natural Area Protection scheme General in 1990.


Route description

We start the tour on  A Pastora Hill, where you can see the Town of Cambados Umia River mouth and the Arousa estuary at its best. At this point we can visit the ruins of Santa Mariña and the Ethnographic and Wine Museum.

In the first sections of the route will pass through the cemetery behind the old parish church to twist then left and follow the road until the end of the paved area, leaving behind a barn of three clear, a curious construction Galicia. From here, following a dirt road, we can see the many plantations of Albariño and different greenhouses that are also characteristic of the region. We also noticed the presence of another glorious granary on stilts rising on rock holding it.

Next, we turn right into a path that allows us to enjoy the view of reeds resting on the river Umia. In this section we see the typical riparian vegetation such as alders, willows, oaks and laurels, which form a unique landscape.

At the river Umia, we see the influence of the tides in a lagoon formed by the entrance of the river into the heart of the reed. We will follow the path along the river where we see different types of seabirds in the area.

Return for a small stretch along the same path, continue along the reeds, we will walk along a trail through the land and in the end we will have the opportunity to see a small forest, right, with different species of riparian trees.

To return, walk along a road between Albariño plantations. We will continue to the hill of A Pastora, where we see a stunning sunset over the sea in the nightfall.


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A Pastora Hill


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