The Arousa estuary, the largest of Galicia, is very rich in seafood. Every day, sailors and gather shellfish bring to the local market the best products of the coast, where restaurants buy them to prepare their delicious menus.

Cambados has numerous taperías, seafood restaurants and a long tradition restaurants, which are joining other design restaurants. Everyone always use the best , the freshest and best quality products. Albariño wine, fish, shellfish, canned fish and garden products are essential for our restaurateurs, who manage the most demanding palates, remember Cambados, as a place to eat is not a necessity but a pleasure.




The flavor of freshly picked tomatoes, after growing up in a rich ground and in fresh air, is hard to forget.
The quality that we found in vegetables and legumes of Cambados garden,  is due to the special microclimate that benefits the region, where the ideal combination of sun and water get the exact formula with the ground produce tastier fruits.


Consuming raw products of the garden, is a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.
A  daily consumption of these products, is one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean diet, one of the pillars of the food pyramid, and helps to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle .

A healthy diet recommends a minimum daily consumption of 400 grams of vegetables, and it is always better to choose the season.


Our garden products are collected daily in small farms, spread  and distributed throughout  the region of O Salnés.

Every day, from here, leaving vegetables that arrives in excellent condition to markets and shops, after a production process based on the traditional Galician culture, committed to the care of the land unhurried  the most natural way possible, to get the best quality.

Kitchen Tips and Tricks:


The best time to consume beans is in spring and summer.
It will recognize the freshest ones due to its intense green color and its firmness. If, when you try to leave, you see that it is bent without breaking, you will know that it is not fresh.


Did you know that the outer leaves of the lettuce are the ones that have the most vitamins and minerals?
To keep it at home, a good trick is to keep it in a plastic container and add a handful of chickpeas, which will absorb moisture and make the lettuce last much longer.

Padrón peppers

To recognize its freshness you have to look at the state of the stem. If it is green and firm, the pepper has just been picked.
At home, it is good to store them in the fridge inside a perforated plastic bag, and they will last up to 15 days.


To easily peel a tomato, it is introduced a few seconds in boiling water and then in cold water.
A cut is made and you will see how easy the skin comes out.
To ripen them, they are put in a paper bag with a couple of ripe apples. In two days they will be ready to eat.


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