Cambados, known for being a true outdoor museum carved in granite, keeping one of the best preserved historic areas in Galicia due to the countless stately pazos, noble streets, monuments, sculptures ... Cambados born from the merger of three historical villages, which maintains its authenticity: Fefiñáns, with a noble character, Cambados, with its beautiful squares, streets and Santa Mariña Ruins and the sailor character of of San Tomé. This combination make Cambados, a unique place in Galicia.

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It is attached to the Pazo of Montesacro, and was built at the same time as this one, in the XVIII century. It is semi-public and it venerates to Virgin of Valvanera, Rioja tradition brought to this land by the Marquis of Montesacro.

The discovery of the tomb of St. James in the early IX century and the subsequent lifting of the cathedral, caused these watchtowers arise to defend the Arosa estuary, and Compostela, from attacks by Normans and Vikings.