• Assessment of problematic situations.
  • Information and advice on social resources: pensions, help at home, welfare check, hydrotherapy, social tourism, Depotermal, Imserso vacations, family reception of elderly people, aid for dependents …
  • Activity program:
  • Leisure activities: crafts, relaxation, excursions, courses …

Home telecare:

Home telecare is an uninterrupted telephone service with specific communication and information equipment specifically for elderly people, with disabilities, social isolation, illness, or a psychosocial or physical risk situation so that they can receive immediate attention in case of emergency. .

The system consists of an alarm unit that carries the person, a telephone terminal and a computerized center that receives the calls and is located in the Service Center. The service allows that in any emergency situation by simply pressing the button on the device they carry, users can communicate with the central, which is staffed by specialized personnel.

The service aims to provide an immediate response to establish a communication between the user and the care center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It deals with situations of health emergency, insecurity, loneliness and isolation.

This offer is complemented by an agenda-reminder service for certain tasks, such as the control of chronic medications or medical and social consultations.