Tax Management and Fiscal Policy

This Department is responsible for carrying out the procedures aimed at the material procurement of the settlements of taxes and other municipal revenues, as well as collection, while trying to make effective the principle of generality in the tax burdens of those required to pay through the tax inspection section.

The elaboration of the municipal budgets, in coordination with the different municipal departments is another of the functions of this Council. Adjusting expenses and income is the fundamental objective in this matter, always within the framework of the distribution of resources to meet the competencies and needs of the municipality and its citizens.

Regarding fiscal policies, progressiveness is defended, considering the economic and social situation in the fiscal figures, with bonuses or deductions for such condition. The adequacy of municipal collection is determined by the basic needs that must be met and by the fight against tax fraud and the underground economy.

Taxpayer service

Attention It is the channel of communication between citizens obliged to pay and the various services responsible for the management and collection of taxes, fees and public prices….

Among the functions it develops are the following: </ p>

  • Information about the rights and duties of the taxpayer.
  • Assistance to the user of the Management, Collection and Inspection service of the City Council.
  • Assistance in tax returns and assistance in the presentation of Self-assessments of the different taxes contemplated in the municipal tax ordinances
  • Information and processing of tax benefits (exemptions and bonuses) of the different taxes.
  • Issuance of certificates on the data in the registers and collection lists of the different taxes and fees.
  • Presentation of requests for the processing of direct debits for the payment of taxes.
  • Issuance of payment documents of the different municipal revenues.
  • Submission of applications for the processing of fractionation and deferral of municipal debts.
  • Submission of requests for the processing of refund of undue income.
  • Submission of applications for the processing of claims and resources both in the management phase and in the collection of municipal revenues.