Industry Area

Promotion of actions tending to the tertiarization of our economy. Cambados promotional plans in collaboration with local companies and the Siete Pias Industrial Estate Promotion Program in industrial and job creation matters.

The Siete Pías area is equipped with the most avant-garde media in new technologies with high-speed cable internet connection that drives business implementation. The City Council comes to manage the installation of telecommunications through fiber optic broadband internet access.
Of the total area of ​​285,068 square meters of the polygon, 193,147 meters are used for industrial use and another 36,479 meters for green areas.

The 100 industrial plots have an average area of ​​30 by 60 meters (1,800 square meters). The Siete Pías park has a main 20-meter road that is the structuring axis of the polygon, and other secondary ones, of 16 meters, that cross the perimeter area -in the shape of a ring- adapting to the topography so that the slopes of the vials are accommodated.

Data of the Industrial Estate of 7 Pías

It is communicated through two roads: the EP-9002 of the Provincial Government, by the North and PO-300 of the Xunta de Galicia, by the South. It is located approximately 2 kilometers from the link with the fast track (now called high capacity road)


Year of construction


Useful square meters

Total area of polygon: 285,068 m2
Plots area: 193,148.77 m2
Maximum surface to build: 144,775 m2 (industrial use)

No. of plots

100 building plots
6 plots destined to green area

Building plots


Free Plots

27 (without building but awarded)

No. of companies installed