Economic and Financial Planning

The City Council is committed to a progressive, equitable and sufficient municipal treasury, creating the conditions for an effective redistribution of wealth and supplying the public funds with the necessary resources to meet its competences and the most urgent social needs. Economic and financial planning responds to the objective of ensuring that municipal decisions on this matter adapt to a sustainability horizon.

In addition, transparency and citizen participation are encouraged, also in expenses and investments, making them accessible to citizens in a detailed, clear and open manner.

Intervention. Inspection, budgets and accounting

  • Inspection
  • Budgets and accounting

The functions of the municipal intervention are those of accounting and internal control.

The accounting function includes the development of financial accounting and monitoring of budget execution, the general rules and their own rules.

The function of internal control of municipal economic management is developed through the intervention function, financial control and efficiency control.

In the exercise of the function, Intervención supervises the acts that give rise to the recognition and liquidation of rights and duties, income and payments, and the collection, investment and application of public funds to comply with the applicable regulations.

In the exercise of the financial control function, it verifies the operation in the economic-financial aspect of the municipal services, to inform about the adequate presentation of the financial information and the compliance of the norms.

The effectiveness check periodically checks the degree of compliance with the objectives, the analysis of the cost of operation and the performance of the services and investments.


Treasury performs the control, management and custody of funds, values and effects; the proposals for the execution of resolutions in terms of raising funds and making them profitable, and also the head of collection services.