Economic Promotion Area

The economic promotion of Cambados is understood as the result of a model of town to be built and of an image of a village to be transmitted, betting on a local development model that is endogenous, cooperative and based on the identity and history of the territory. We work for the economic revitalization of the historic and rural areas.

Entrepreneurship is another of the lines of action in this area, fostering training and creating the ideal conditions for the birth of collective, cooperative and competitive projects.

The Department of Economic Promotion works in the management of the spaces of entrepreneurship of Cambados, to improve the building located in the industrial area dedicated to Business Incubator, dedicated to business entrepreneurship. The idea is to make these facilities a multidisciplinary place with individual offices and a coworking area for entrepreneurs. The property is an emblem of support for employment and business initiatives.


“Vivero” is an action promoted by the City of Cambados with the aim of encouraging the development of entrepreneurial initiatives and providing a management space and administrative support to new companies. Facilitate the establishment, start-up and consolidation of new companies or the viability of existing companies for their subsequent insertion in the market, favoring those of special social or strategic interest. Starting a business project is a great challenge. Starting an initiative of your own, through the creation of a company, is a personal adventure as stimulating as it is complex. However, it is not an impossible adventure.